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Weaving Brands Into Music Driven Content

Content Curation and Execution

Marketing and Promotions

Music Programming

Market Research

DJ Services (club, in-store, festivals, pop ups)

Radio Hosting

TV Hosting

Script Writing



Radio Production

Voice Over Artist

Podcast Series


Are you a brand or marketing agency looking to position your product in a cool, high traffic environment that will appeal to millennials and generation Z? Look no further I can help! Be it through live activations at events or festivals, or through digital, radio or television mediums, I can conceptualise the right campaign that will deliver your  brands key messages and produce great results! 

List Of Services:

Content builds relationships. Relationships are built on trust. Trust drives revenue  

Recent References

“We’ve been working with Gabby for years on a number of efforts to build the HD Radio brand and gain exposure with consumers and broadcast radio professionals.  Her creativity and energy has lead to the development of some very successful programs around the International Radio Festival, Access All America, CMJ in New York and most recently her work on Alt 983 in Nashville.  We could not be more pleased with her support and the success of the programs she has developed and spearheaded for us. Gabby always over delivers and we have every confidence in Gabby’s direction and vision for the brand.” Joseph F. D’Angelo | SVP, Broadcast | HD Radio Technology | DTS, Inc.


"Gabby has been truly amazing from the beginning. Her understanding of what we are trying to do with this particular partnership, grasp of the brand Soap & Glory and all it stands for, and wider knowledge of 'content' and what we are trying to deliver, was totally on the money. Her creative ideas, enthusiasm and energy have helped us all craft a plan that we are truly excited about.” Without Gabby as a central point in the communication (and the person who seems to really understand ‘brands’', partnership, and what we mean by ‘content opportunities’) there would have been no partnership with iheartmedia at all. 

Lisa Merrick-Lawless | Strategy Director | Studio of Art & Commerce

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